Top Reasons And Treatments To Stop Tossing And Turning While You Sleep

Top Reasons And Treatments To Stop Tossing And Turning While You Sleep

Perfect night’s sleep is a dream nowadays, which everyone wishes but unfortunately, very fewer numbers of people get a perfect sleep. Many of us may be aware of the reasons but the majority don’t know the reasons and treatments to stop tossing and turning while sleeping. Let’s begin to discuss the reason and solution to stop tossing so that you could find a way to healthy sleep.

Causes of tossing and turning while sleeping

Day by day increasing work pressure is a big reason for a healthy life and healthy sleep. As day by day new technologies are coming up we are also losing our working capacity and totally depending on machines which directly affects our health and sleep. Let’s move to the next step of the cause of tossing and turning.

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  • Sleep Patterns: Snoring, sleep disorder, and sleep diseases are the main causes of tossing and turning while sleeping. Snoring can happen when the tongue is on windpipe and it blocks the airway. Sleep apnoea is also a reason for unhealthy sleep.
  • Pain: As we grow up our body working capacity changes. Sometimes we start tossing and turning on the bed due to pain. Some time joint pain or body pain makes you turn and toss while sleeping. You can also select adjustable mattresses and pillows to help you from pain.
  • Acid reflux: It is a process in which acid comes back to the esophagus. It happens when you are lying flat on the bed which results in heartburn which causes sleepless nights. As we get older it’s very hard for a heart to pump the blood from the lower extremities. This cause combining of liquid in lowers legs and joint which cause tossing and turning in bed.
  • Eating before going to bed
  • Drinking too much coffee
  • Alcohol intake
  • A warm temperature in the bedroom
  • Not inconsistent sleeping schedule

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Solutions to stop tossing and turning

Bad habits and not to be in routine also cause tossing and turning all night. There are some small things which you need to change and you will get a night of healthy sleep. You can follow the below steps and get a perfect sleep.

  • Wake up in the morning around at 8 Am and sleep in the night till 11 PM
  • Make sure to allow sunlight in your room
  • Do some exercise daily
  • Avoid social media when you wake up
  • Take a cool shower/bath in the morning
  • Avoid caffeine after 2 PM
  • Maintain a scheduled bedtime
  • Avoid heavy lunch
  • Eat dinner before 7 PM
  • Read some books before you sleep
  • Take a proper mattress and bed frame

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The conclusion is that if you are giving some time to yourself for exercise and you are maintaining a schedule for daily routine then tossing and turning can be reduced too much.

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