Should I Use Multiple Pillows If My Problem Is Very Serious?

Using multiple while sleeping or while dong rest is a common habit of everyone. If you are going to sleep or doing rest and you need something to give you support then obviously you will pick the pillows to get support. Do you know sleeping with more than one pillow can be harmful to your health? Let’s discuss the same whether you should use more than one pillow and what the causes of using multiple pillows are.

It’s a very tricky question and differs from everyone as everyone needs are different. Everybody has different sleeping needs and most of us need one pillow for healthy neck support. The main work of the pillow is to keep your neck, head, and spine in a neutral alignment. Some people love to sleep with a bundle of pillows. Let’s discuss the sleep position and pillow goals.

Instead of using the multiple pillows use the right pillow for the support. The right below support you by providing the max comfort to your body. While buying the pillows make sure to check the loftiness and firmness of the pillow.

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Side sleeper

Most of the people use to sleep in sideway, with approximately 70% people use to sleep on the side while sleeping many people use the single pillow and some use more than one pillow to provide him comfort. For side sleepers, the right pillow should be 3 to 6 inches tall. Your pillow should be soft enough to hold your head’s weight to make a proper sleeping posture. Contour pillows are best for side sleepers who are not sure how thick their pillow should be.

Back sleepers

Low to medium loft pillows is best for the back sleepers, which can be from 1 to 5 inch. Back sleepers get an advantage as they sleep in most relaxable, natural for the back. Too thin Pillow can be a cause of neck pain. Back sleepers also can get benefits if they select a pillow with a hollow in the middle as this can hold your head.

Stomach sleeper

Stomach sleepers are advised to use a pillow of 3 or less than 3 inches. Some of the stomach sleeper use to sleep without a pillow, putting a single pillow under the head can hold the head to maintain the straight alignment. A pillow in which a stomach sleeper can sleep with face down is the ideal pillow for the stomach sleeper.

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Most people Use Multiple Pillows. If you are suffering from pain try to use more pillows to give more support.

  • If you are a side sleeper and you have chronic pain you can put thin pillows under the knee to strengthen the spinal alignment
  • A gap can be formed if you are between your lower back and mattress while sleeping on your back. In this case, putting a pillow under your knees allows to straighten your spine and reducing back pain
  • Stomach sleeper can use their body from sinking far in mattress by putting additional pillows below the stomach.

The conclusion is if you have nominal pain then surely you can use more than one pillow, however, if your pain is too serious and unable to bear then you should go to your nearest doctor immediately.

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