Is Memory Foam Pillow Toxic?

Memory Foam Pillow Toxic

Many of you complain about the odour in the memory foam pillow. It happens where there are harmful chemicals in the memory foam that is used to make pillows, cushions, bed and many other products. You must check the brand of your pillow; if it’s of good quality then the smell goes away and it smells when you open it after buying. But low-quality memory foam pillows smell never go and it is injurious to your health.

In this case, the low-quality memory foam pillows are toxic instead of branded memory foam pillows. You must not risk your life with dangerous diseases and need to change it now if you have anyone. You can get the best quality and non-toxic memory foam pillows from the Sleepsia as well. They are taking care of customer requirements and satisfaction. They don’t use any toxic chemicals in their products. For more information, you can also contact them via Sleepsia memory foam pillow phone number.

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Chemical found in some non-quality memory foam pillow

The chemicals are as follows

  • Formaldehyde – This chemical is a combustion by-product of burning fuel and cigarette smoke. Many household precuts contain this chemical and this is a cancer-causing chemical. It causes diseases like depression, fatigue, joint pain, headache, insomnia, digestive issues, respiratory difficulties, and neurological disorders.
  • Flame Retardants – Polyurethane is the flame-retardant chemical, and is used at least 2 pounds to make a single memory foam pillow. It causes health problems like cancer, obesity, and developmental brain disorders. It is used in products to meet the requirements of the anti-flammability to reduce the fire risk in the house.
  • Isocyanates – It causes irritation in the throat, eyes, skin, and nose. Isocyanates chemical reacts with the alcohol groups and produced the Polyurethane polymers to make up the products. These products are like car seats, shoes, polyurethane rubber, insulation materials, packaging materials, foam mattress, surface coatings, adhesives, Carpet padding, polyurethane, furniture, and laminated fabrics.

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Buy quality and certified memory foam pillow

Nowadays, there are many frauds who don’t sell quality things in the world just for the sake of making money only. So you must come across the brands that are providing the best quality products of memory foam and also give you the warranty as well. If you are using that low-quality pillow replace them now and get the best quality pillows to living a disease-free life.

Sleepsia in one of the brands who provide the quality memory foam pillows and these pillows don’t cause you any health issue. But their memory foam pillows definitely relieve your body pains and lowers the risk of having any other health issues. They use the certified memory foams and these foams are hypoallergenic that meet the health-standards. It won’t include harmful chemicals and provide you with the comfort of a high level.

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Their memory foam pillow products help in the alignment of your spine, lower the back and neck pain. The pillow remains in the shape after the use. It won’t lose its shape and density. There are many more benefits like dust, bugs, bacteria, & odor resistance, toxin-free, sleep apnea, and more. So to buy visit the website and get your required memory foam pillow as per your requirements.

How to contact us?

You can reach the team anytime from anywhere as they are available all around the clock. You just need to dial the Sleepsia Customer Support Helpline Number 1800-862-1084 or email at [email protected]. The team is happy to serve you the best and give you all the required information related to the memory foam pillows.

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