Latex V/S Memory Foam Pillow: Differences and Benefits

Latex V/S Memory Foam Pillow: Differences and Benefits

Memory Foam Pillow- In this, the viscoelastic polyurethane is used to form the memory foam. It has many unique and unusual properties that are designed as an innovative material. It has many benefits that help in maintaining the good health. It doesn’t shrink. It is hard for the first time but after a few minutes of use, it will reshape according to your body shape.

Latex Foam Pillow- It is the natural foam made of hevea-barsilienis rubber tree’s sap. It gives the bouncy and the soft texture to the pillows. Synthetic latex foam is also the common one and is made of styrene-butadiene rubber. It is kind of similar one but not that much durable.

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Difference between the Memory and Latex Foam Pillow

  Memory Foam Pillow Latex Foam Pillow
Characteristic Weight absorbing, sinks in Supportive and push out
Natural No, Chemical oil derivative Yes, rubber tree’s sap
Breathability Closed sells Sleep hot Cool and open cells
Dust Mite Resistance Yes Yes
Density Heavier and denser Lighter and less dense
Comfort Great Comfort and support Great Comfort
Durability 5-10 years 10-15 years

There are other differences as well that are like conformity that is more in the memory foam. The memory foam pillow gives the exact shape to each people according to their comfort. It won’t bounce back to you and also use your body temperature to form in the shape. On the other-hand the latex foam pillow will have the lighter density and also bounce back; so do prefer the memory foam pillow.

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Other main difference is motion transfer that means you will not feel any motion if someone is sleeping beside you and they move around. It is a great benefit that you sleep will not get disturbed with any motions around you.

So you must go for the memory foam pillow as it has many physical and health benefits. It also helps in aligning your neck and spinal bone so you don’t feel any cricks or pain in your back or neck.



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