Memory Foam Pillow V/S Normal Pillows

Memory Foam Pillow V/S Normal Pillows

You will discover that memory foam pillows are much more comfortable than regular pillows. They recline into the shape of your head, neck and shoulder’s joint whereas regular normal pillows don’t, they do not adjust your head upwards comfortably while you are sleeping the whole night.

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    • Shape & Size: Memory foam pillow perfectly mold according to the shape of your neck and head to support it in a better way than a normal pillow. These pillows are very much comfortable and more reliable. Your head firstly down to the pillow but then you feels like it’s floating and reduce your all headaches or stresses. Whereas normal pillows are just simply hold your head and neck.

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  • Pillows reliability for pain relief: Memory foam pillow having all great factors with trustworthy attributes such as height, softness and support are all extremely personal preferred to your head relaxation. High quality of the material is used to built these pillows, whereas normal pillows are just filled with normal stuff and that is not sufficient to sleep comfortably whole night.
  • Pillows Configuration: Memory foam is an initially solidified but softens also due to the pressure and body heat, which turn around into the neck joint shape. These pillows meant to hold your neck during sleep, feeling little bit hard but still offering a lot of support to your head. Where as normal pillows don’t have any configuration and support like this.
  • For Aircraft & hospital purpose: Memory foam pillow was mainly developed to focus on the safety of aircraft pillows, and this advanced technology was adopted by hospitals too such as use for wheelchairs patients or bed holding motionless patients to reduce beds scrape and helps to support spinal. Whereas normal pillow is used just only for sleep purpose.

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Know the Advantage of Memory foam Pillow

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How memory foam pillow is better than a normal pillow?

Memory foam pillows are more comfortable than the regular pillows, they conform according to the shape of your head & neck whereas you don’t push regular pillow that aligns according to your body language while sleeping.

How memory foam pillow makes your sleep better?

Memory foam pillow supports very gently according to the shape of your head, neck, and shoulder. These special qualities make it a more popular choice. It also helps to get rid of all pressure points give you a restful and healthy sleep.

How memory foam pillow layout is better than the normal pillow layout?

Memory foam pillow is made up of polyurethane fabric with additional chemicals which leads to increase its viscosity and density. The upper coverage of the memory foam is covered by open foam bubbles which helps to breathe easily and create a fresh environment where a normal pillow is just simply filled with regular foam.

Is memory foam pillow has a longer life than the normal pillow?

Yes, memory foam pillow has a longer life than the regular pillow. Memory foam comes with a long usage time period nearly 3 years with its accurate specification whereas normal pillow loses its firmness after 1 year.

Is memory foam pillow health beneficial than the regular pillow?

Memory foam pillow comes with many health benefits. These pillows align according to your twists & turn which leads you to get relief from all pressure points such as the neck, head, and shoulder. It is also very beneficial for cervical patients where a regular pillow simply supports your body.

Is memory foam pillow anti-allergy?

Memory foam pillow is hypo-allergic in nature which helps to obstruct the growth of bacteria and dust mites. Due to its open bubble foam coverage, air can pass through them which makes your sleep healthier with refreshed and energized wake up.

Is memory foam pillow good for back support sleepers?

Memory foam pillow is good support for all types of sleepers, especially for back support sleepers. Memory foam pillow is fitted in perfect dimensions which gently supports your back and helps you to get rid of backache problems.

Is memory foam pillow is good for all ages?

Yes, a memory foam pillow is good for all ages including infants also. Memory foam is very sensitive, it adjusts the temperature according to the climate changes and body needs which give you reliable as well as healthy sleep.

Is memory foam pillow is breathable?

Yes, a memory foam pillow is breathable due to its open pores in its outer coverage, the air passes through it. This special feature of this pillow makes your sleep healthy and bacterial free with fresh air.

How you make the perfect choice between the memory foam and regular pillow?

Pillow is just not supported that holds your head and neck while sleeping, it may affect your health. When it comes to choice with the perfect pillow, you must be sure about firmness, softness and health advantages of the pillow which helps you to get rid of all pains and give your reliable and healthy sleep throughout the whole night.