What Does Your Sleep Position Say About Your Personality?

What Does Your Sleep Position Say About Your Personality?

Sleeping positions reveals a lot about your nature or your behavior. Every sleeping position says something. Many of us sleep on a luxurious bed, mattress to get comfortable and relax properly. However, the pillow is also one of the factors for good sleep. To know more about sleeping positions let’s go to the below article.

Types of sleeping positions

Favorite sleep position also reveals many things about your personality and about your thoughts. Let’s discuss the sleep position.

  • Sleeping like a log- Sleeping like a log means you are sleeping on your side with arms at side. People sleeping with this position or if this is your favorite positions it means you are an easy-going person, social and you easily trust strangers. You might be deceivable easily. This position is a common position but not as the fetal position.
  • Sleeping like a log but with arms that ”yearn”- Yearning log is a position in which you lying on your side but your arms are going out in front of you as you are yearning for something. This sleep position indicates that open nature, you may be or may not be deceivable easily, You are slower in making mind but once you made it you don’t change it generally.
  • Taking side- As per Doctors for your nighttime comfort sleeping on the side is an additional benefit. However, to obtain optimum night rest and comfort you may bend your knees slightly but no bent is up to your chest. Use a small pillow between your legs to get comfort for your spine with a more favorable position. Take a pillow between your arms which also helps arms to open and leaves the chest and lungs open.
  • Side sleeping- Left side sleeping is a favorite condition for those who are in marketing and advertising of ages between 45 to 54, who are degree educated. Ride side sleeping is preferred for those who work in transport and manufacturing of ages between 35 and 44, and love to smoke and caffeine. Leftside sleep may improve heartburn symptoms and the right side sleeping is better for your heart.
  • Tummy time- There are very fewer people who sleep in this and this is also not for ladies who are pregnant. So it is a bad idea for people with neck pain or previous injuries in the neck. As per research, stomach sleepers work in agriculture of age between 45 to 54 and they are heavy drinkers ( consumes 7 to 10 alcohol per day).
  • On the backtrack- As per research people who used to sleep on the back are from the transport and logistics field of age 25 to 34. Also snoring is the cause of backtrack.
  • Freestyler- Most of people change their sleeping positions the whole night. These tend to work in utilities and of age group 35 to 44.

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