How Long Should A Memory Foam Pillow Last?

How Long Should A Memory Foam Pillow Last?

Memory Foam Pillows now a day’s becoming so much popular among everyone. Due to product material and many advantages, people love it although it’s a little bit expensive as well still it has many advantages. However, there are very fewer people who know how long a memory foam pillow lasts, in today’s article we will tell that for how much time a memory foam pillow lasts.

The life span of a pillow

Most the people are unaware of the requirement to change the pillow after a regular interval of time and it’s quite common to see a pillow is being used for more than the recommended time. This is very much necessary to change the pillow after some time regularly once you know that your pillow life is ended.

The life of a pillow depends on the material of the pillow. Natural pillow life is 5 to 7 years, Synthetic pillows lifespan is 2 to 3 years. Once you see that feather and down pillow are not coming to its original shape it should be throw immediately.

Reasons to replace the pillow

Whenever you sleep on your bed your body reveals sweat, hair oil, and dead skin cells which all are absorbed by your pillows. Gradually these materials and dust particles make your pillow smell. Even you wash your pillow regularly still you need to replace the pillow as washing can’t make the pillow forever. Sleeping with a dirty and untidy pillow can make you uncomfortable, it can harm your health and cannot let you sleep properly, hence it is very necessary to replace pillow time by time.

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How to know that the time has come to replace the pillow

There is some sign that can inform you that it’s time to change your pillow.

  • If you are constantly changing your sleeping position
  • Feeling allergy symptoms
  • Feeling lumps inside the pillow or any other material
  • If you fold your pillow and it does not come to its original positions
  • Permanent sweat and oil stains
  • You wake up with neck and shoulder pain

How to maintain your pillow to increase its life span

Below are some tips which can extend the life span of the pillow.

  1. Use Pillow cover- Always use a pillow cover to avoid all the stains, smell, body odor and sweat. Another alternative is you can use a pillow protector. These things can increase your pillow’s life span to double but make sure to wash the pillow cover after 1 or 2 weeks regularly.
  2. Wash the pillow- Washing a pillow after every 6 months can make also make the lifespan of your pillows double. Make sure to read the instruction manual before washing the pillow because all the pillows are not washable as some pillows are not -washable and you can put them in the open air for some time (10 to 15 min) to make it fresh.

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Types of pillows and replacement time

  • Bamboo Pillow– These pillows need to be changed every year as bamboo fiber is more reliable then cotton fibers.
  • Latex Pillow- Latex pillow is more durable then memory foam and if you have a latex pillow you should change it every 2 years.
  • Feather based Pillow- Feathers based pillows are the most common pillows, you can change these pillows every one year.
  • Memory foam Pillow- Memory foam pillow should be replaced in a year.
  • Down Pillow Pillow– Down pillows should be changed every year.

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