How To Measure Memory Foam Density?

The density of the pillow is one of the major components of a pillow; while selecting a memory foam pillow for yourself. So for the next time, if you go for buying a pillow don’t miss this major component at the time of making a purchase.

The density of the memory foam tells you about the weight more correctly than the firmness of the foam. Low-density memory foam can also be hard or firm. It is very thin but stiff and firm also. If you want to calculate the density of the single piece of foam then you need to use the width, height, weight, and the length of the foam. As the density is calculated as the:-

Density= Weight / Width x Height x Length

Density is measured in the weight per cubic foot (PCF).

The density of the foam lets you know about its durability and the quality of the product. If it is denser then it is more durable as it has the more compressed material. Firmness is also important and it can be measured by the indentation load deflection. When the ILD is higher the product is more firm. As it is referred to as the load that the body applies to the product.

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Density types of memory foam

There are three types of density that are as follows:-

  • Low- the weight is under 3 pounds per cubic foot
  • Medium- It contains the weight of 4-5 pounds per cubic foot
  • High- It has a weight of 5 pounds or more per cubic foot

Low-density memory foam will sink more deeply and feels softer. In some memory foam, it uses the high density as they give more support and durable as well. Less foam has resulted in less density and it is budget-friendly.

Medium-density memory foam is great for durability, comfort, and support. It is also available in the pocket-friendly prices. This is not soft as low-density but you can still sink into it and feel comfortable.

High-density memory foam products have long-lasting support and have good durability. It helps in relieving back pain; improves circulation, and helps in reducing neck and shoulder pain. The products having high-density memory foam will feel hard at first but later it takes the shape according to your body and relieves pressure points as well.

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