Our Advice on How to Choose the Right Pillow

What To Consider While Buying Memory Foam Pillow

I am sure that a lot of people in this world suffered from pain once a week, it could be body pain neck pain, etc. You can’t feel until you have suffered the pain. Most probably the reason is selecting a wrong pillow.

A lot of pillows are available in the market but selecting a good one is a question for everyone. Selecting a wrong pillow can be a big problem for you and can cause pain. There are mainly 3 types of pillows available feather and down, microfiber and memory foam.  The first thing that everyone looks in the pillow is comfortableness. Generally, the maximum number of people use medium firm memory foam pillow to be best for sleep. When we are in sleep we change our positions so you should check which pillow is best for you.

You need to first determine in which position do you sleep. For every sleep position, there are different pillows.

Choose the right pillow for Back Sleepers

For back sleepers medium loft and medium firmness pillows are good. Let’s check what is the work of those types of pillows

Medium Loft- A medium loft helps by relieving pressure in your neck and shoulders by providing support between you and your mattress.
Medium Firmness- It supports you to keep your head supported enough to align with the spine.
Conform to Pressure- Serves to keep feeling comfortable and make you neutral alignment with the neck.

Choose the right pillow for Side Sleepers

Side sleepers need a pillow with high loft and firmer support. Side sleeper also likes the fluffy material or shapeable material let’s check why.

High Loft- A loft pillow relieves the pressure in your shoulder and makes sure that it is not bearing the force of your body.
Firm Support- Medium-firm pillows allow you to maintain your head with neck and in line. If you opted so soft pillow your head will sink down gradually after some time.

Quality in Pillows you need to check

Moisture absorbent- Take care of this thing that whether your pillow is moisture absorbent or not, else it would be a great discomfort. While buying you need to check the fabrics of the pillow if it is natural absorbent or not.
Breathable Foam- You should take care of foam while buying so that you can take a breath while sleeping when your head sinks in the pillow. Some pillows allow you to remove or add shreds at your convenience so that you can remove or add shreds whenever you want.

Choose the right Pillows for Stomach Sleepers

For stomach sleepers, it’s a little tough to select a pillow. Stomach sleepers need a pillow with low loft else if the pillow is slightly too high loft your head will be elevated upwards and cause pain. Pillows with feathers or very light and soft materials are very good for stomach sleepers as it is very soft and easily compressed.

The conclusion is that for every sleeping position there is a different pillow you need. For more information or for any help get back to us at www.memoryfoampillow.co or you can also call us at 1800-862-1084. We are here to help you with the best pillows for you. You can also fill the contact form and our customer care team will get in touch with you soon.



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