How to Wash Cooling Gel Pillows

cooling gel pillow

In washing a gel or gel topper pillow, you should always wash the cooling gel pillow by hand. Try baking soda to eliminate the odour if your pillow stinks. You may clean the stains with soap and water for a gel cushion with stains.

Technique 1: Stains and marks removal

Take the case off

Remove the pillow case and wash it as directed on the care tag before cleaning your pillow. Most instances may be washed by machine. This manner, when you have washed, you will have a clean case on the cushion.

  • It is better to wash hands or dry if you have silk pillows.
  • Before you wash them, read the label.
  • Mix soap with water until the water is covered with bubbles.
  • Combine 1-2 cups of water and a few drops of dish soap in a medium-sized basin.
  • Mix until the water is covered with bubbles.
  • If you have difficulty in building bubbles, add a few extra drops of dish soap to the water and continue sifting.

If your pillow has a foul odour add vinegar to the mixture

  • Add 1–2 teaspoons (15–30 mL) of vinegar to the soapy water when the pillow/stain has a strong aroma.
  • Remove quickly.
  • Even very strong fragrances, such as wine or oils, are removed by vinegar.

Use white vinegar where feasible. Other vinegar kinds might leave a film over the cooling gel pillow behind.

To rub the bubbles on the discoloration, use a wet towel

  • Rub the Sleeping pillow softly on the moistened cloth or sponge, then rub it until the stain is gone.
  • A few times before the stain buds, you may need to use the soap again.

When the stain is gone, but a shadow remains behind the gel, attempt to immediately put a drop of dish soap on the pillow and flake it to the surface.

To remove persistent stains, use a cotton bucket soaked in 3% hydrogen peroxide

If your stain has a harder one, such blood or oil, plug in the end of a cotton swab, which you can purchase in the food shop, in 3% hydrogen peroxide. Then, brush back and forth the cotton  swab over the stain until it goes off.

Wipe the cushion with a wet towel once the stain is gone to eliminate any residual peroxide of hydrogen.

Before reinstalling the cover, let the cushion dry fully. Let the cushion dry for at least 2 hours in a well-ventilated location. Touch the pillow for 2 hours and then place the queen size pillows in the cover to ensure that it’s totally dry.

In order to accelerate the procedure, after using soap and water, you may wash the surface of the pillow with a dry cloth.

Technique 2: Use baked soda for odour removal

Take the cushion cover off

Remove the protective cover if your cushion is covered with a slip or pillowcase. Check the cover tag for care and wash the cover or pillow case in the washing machine or manually as directed.

  • Do not forget to wash and slide your pillowcase every 2 weeks to make your pillow fresh.
  • Bake soda over the pillow, sprinkle 2 teaspoons (28.8 grammes).
  • Baked soda is an excellent deodorizer that may be used to refresh various surfaces such as gel and memory foam.
  • Coat the whole pillow on one end of the pillow in a coating of soda.

You might be obliged to use 3-4 teaspoons (43.2-57,6 grammes) for the surface if you have a large or European-style pillow.

  • Pillow sit for 30 minutes with baked soda.
  • The pillow sit as the baking soda absorbs the fragrance from the gel cushion’s surface.
  • Let the baking soda rest overnight on the pillow if feasible.
  • Try to place it in a big bag with baking soda for 1-2 days if the pillow has a very unpleasant scent.
  • The baking soda has the time to absorb the scents.
  • Put your pillow in a spot, such as the top of a cupboard or inside the closet, if you have kids or dogs.

To remove baking soda, use the brush attachment of a vacuum

When the baking soda absorbs the fragrance of the king size pillows, it completely vacuums the surface. Put the brush on the pillow to ensure that all the baking soda is gone. Work in parts.

  • Before using it on your pillow, make sure the vacuum is cleaned and dried.
  • Some steps from the vacuum may be needed to remove all bakery soda.
  • Run your hand through the pillow after the first pass.Fill it up again, if it still seems gritty.

It may be a bit hard to clean your cooling gel pillow, but perhaps the things you have learnt will enable you to understand how they are to be cleaned.

You not only care for your head and neck and also improve sleep quality when you take good care of your pillows. Enough sleep at this time is really crucial.



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